What Does your Posture Say?

what does your posture say-side

The Shape of your spine reveals the way you have
adapted to the spinal stresses in your life.

what does your posture say-front

Becoming Aware of your posture, learning where, when and how you hold tension, and learning to breathe fully and with ease into your body are all tools that we will work with to help you become empowered as you learn to let go of stress and restore your natural vitality and posture.

* Increased awareness of their spine and patterns of tension
* More peacefulness
* Increased range of motion
* Increased clarity of mind
* Higher efficiency of movement and better coordination
* Greater sense of well-being
* More ease & less anxiety
* Able to make healthier choices
* Increased vitality
* Greater sense of self and sense of purpose
* Greater capacity to recover from injury
* Feeling more connected with their higher purpose.
* Greater immune function

The body you have today is a result of how you have taken care of yourself in the past.

How you take care of your body today is the body you will live in tomorrow.